Hurray Card – a new app that increases your sales!

Users of this app can purchase virtual discount cards of popular restaurants, shops, cinemas, beauty salons and other outlets.


Take the advantage of Hurray Card app and increase your sales distributing your own discount cards among 160 m audience of mobile apps users.

Hurray Card for B2B clients

What is the “Hurray! Card”?


“Hurray! Card” – it’s a new convenient service on the basis of mobile application that makes it possible to get any discount card in your smartphone at your convenience. With Hurray! Card our partners discover communication tools that were previously inaccessible on the advertising market. We have combined prestigious plastic discount cards with up-to-date communication technologies. As a result millions of people can see discount policy of Hurray! Card partners and buy those discount cards they really plan to use.



Why it is so useful for business?


It’s easy – we will bring new customers to your shop or restaurant and this is the main purpose! Customers are scrolling catalogue of discounts, making deliberate choice of a place where they would like to buy goods, have lunch or watch a movie. Hurray! Card Application users buy discount cards for cash or bonuses and you give away discounts only to those customers that really matter to you getting rid of “freeloaders” that are not welcome. Discounting your goods and services through Hurray! Card Application get you motivated audience which you can segment. And grow your sales through correct marketing! Sex, age, contact details, location, sales statistics and other consumer data will be available to our corporate clients on their personal account. There is no need any more to maintain database and do segmentation by retailer himself. Your customer will never lose or forget your discount cards at home, all of them are stored in their smartphones.



In fact, Hurray! Card is win-win-win for our B2B clients.


First time win - it is when information about the company is communicated to the whole army of Hurray! Card users and it doesn’t cost anything to our client. Second time, it is when those customers who are interested in your product are personally issued discount cards and directed to your premises for shopping. Third time your win, when we submit ready-to-go and tailored to you tool to roll out your loyalty program, and this is also for free!



Who are our corporate clients?


First of all, shops, restaurants, cafes, medical institutions and pharmacies, gas stations, cinemas and many others. To cut it short, B2B clients of mobile application Hurray! Card are any retailer on the market! Come, join us!

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